Our Program & Services

Culturally Centered Services.

Our Core Values


    The divine existence at the core of every living being.


    A given inheritance in our souls that leads to a pool of inner-knowing.


    To achieve desired results and OWN IT.

  • Perseverance

    Steadfast in faith in belief.

  • Resilience

    The ability to sustain and overcome adversity.

  • Forgiveness

    To release emotions by releasing.

About our program

Welcome to A Diamond in the Ruff 18-Month Sober Living Transitional Home/Program.

Founded Since 2011, A Diamond in the Ruff, a 501(C) (3) non-profit charitable organization, we serve women in Alameda County and other nearby counties, who are at risk from being homeless, victims of domestic violence, those in recovery from drugs/alcohol, those coming out of incarceration and those who may have one or more barriers due to mental illness.

A Diamond in the Ruff, mission speaks about clarity to impart with cleansing and healing to become transparent to the soul.

In recognizing women need stability and consistency, and we are here to provide women with services to help them to navigate through process of their transition.

Program Philosophy

A Diamond in the Ruff welcomes every woman to embark on a new and exciting 18- month life changing Journey. If you are ready to change, heal, and grow. In our efforts we are here to help you achieve a deeper sense of peace, wellbeing and gain clarity about lessons and blessings you will receive.

Participants will walk through the twist and turns of their life, receiving internal and external through transformation. Giving them the tools for self-motivation and hope to rebuild their lives, their self-esteem, self-worth, while helping them to sustain the difficult long term process of obtaining self-sufficiency.

We Offer supportive services to strengthen women who have been torn by life’s circumstances. Hopefully enabling women to learn their core essence and know their purpose, and find the pathway towards a healthier, happier and stable lifestyle.

A Diamond in the Ruff, helps to broaden your vision, to move forward into a totally new way of being, seeing and living.


Services offered through
A Diamond in the Ruff Program

Below is a list of our frequently accesssed services. If you need services beyond what is listed below please contact us with your requirements.

  • Temporary Housing

  • Case Management

  • Outpatient treatment referrals (individual counseling and group counseling)

  • Job referrals/training referrals

  • Food and Clothing referrals

  • Help assist in (General Assistance and Social Security)

  • Life Skills/Empowerment groups

  • Spiritual Development for personal and community well being

  • Random drug testing a must


  • 01

    Phase I
    A Heart to Heart
    Your Core Essence

    Clients in their first six months’ focus on their own personal program. Learning everything about self, those challenging events that had forced you to shift, self-limiting behavior patterns, addictions, deep co-dependencies, learning forgiveness for self and all others.

  • 02

    Phase II
    The Break Through

    Clients in the next six months will identify their needs and begin to recognize the barriers, and address those needs. Learn to manage the process of transitioning from homelessness to stability. Helping to restore hope, faith and belief in self. Creating loving, healthy and fulfilling relationships.

  • 03

    Phase III
    Connect the Dots

    The next six months’ clients begin to make connections, starting to demonstrate independence, learning to navigate client medical needs, housing and finances. Start forming connection with outside community partner agencies, exhibiting work ethic’s, advancing educationally, vocationally, spiritually and socially.

  • 04

    Flourish and Soar

    Clients take all the knowledge and tools that they have learned and continue to grow into the person they are destine to be. Continuing their life journey more loving, healthier and stable.